Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Williams Library is in your home!!

The ebooks have arrived! They are all nonfiction and the students have unlimited use.  You can read them online at home. This is so exciting. There are fifteen titles. Look them up in our library catalog on the library webpage menu. (You probably just left that page and menu to get here!)  Enjoy!

The titles are:

From seed to maple tree: following the life cycle.

Seeds go, seeds grow

The creation of the U.S. Constitution

The Declaration of Independence in translation: What it really means


From caterpillar to butterfly: following the life cycle

From tadpole to frog: following the life cycle

The Lincoln Memorial

The moon

Our U.S. Capitol

Shattering Earthquakes

The Sun

Violent volcanoes

The White House

Writing the U.S. Constitution

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Coming very soon to the Williams School Library: Ebooks! We are starting with a selection of nonfiction titles for use with curriculum units. All will have unlimited use, which means they can be checked out and read by all of our students at the same time. Stay tuned for further information.