Sunday, April 7, 2013

Community Book drive beginning soon at Williams

Please watch for this letter coming to your home in the Williams Weekly on April 10th.

Dear Williams Community,

We are pleased to announce a special fundraiser to assist two very needy Massachusetts schools. The schools are located in Worcester and Springfield. We plan to provide each school with 26 books each for their libraries. This drive is part of the ongoing effort to honor and remember the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy.

            Since the December 14th event occurred, organizations and individuals from all over the country have reached out to the Sandy Hook School families and the Newtown, CT community in many ways.   Our goal is to take action in a way that strengthens education for all.    We hope to continue and extend the Williams tradition of helping others by giving the gift of reading to fellow students and educators in Massachusetts.

You can contribute to this initiative by purchasing a book.  Please see the instructions below to help. The cost is $16 per book. Our goal is to donate 26 books to each of the 2 selected schools. If we exceed our goal, we will expand our giving on a wider scale by helping a third or possibly even a fourth school in need.  In addition, we are initiating our first book swap to create enthusiasm for reading at Williams, and to add books to the libraries of other needy schools. We plan to send out a flyer soon that will explain this literacy event in detail.

As always, thank you for your support and we look forward to the Williams School community coming together for this worthy cause!


Robert Beaudet, Principal
Christine Lacey, PTO president
Nancy Sweatt, PTO co-president
Sarah White, PTO co-president
Michael Lorant, PTO co-president
Cheryl Kosmo, Library teacher

To honor a victim of the Sandy Hook tragedy, please:

1. Send a check payable to the Williams PTO for $16.00 per book, in an envelope addressed to "Schools in need book fundraiser," via your child's folder.

2. Teachers will collect the checks and get them to Ms. Kosmo.

3. You will get a confirmation email from Ms. Kosmo that we have received your check.

Thank you for supporting this worthy initiative!

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