Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! Thinking about how I can make Williams Library be the best it can be in 2015

Today I received an email from Edtechteacher and Google with information about an opportunity to attend a Google for Education jamboree in February. To apply you had to answer a question in a format of your choice. One of the choices was a blog post. I didn't choose that, but as I thought about the question I decided I would like to share my ideas with the Williams community. I created a Google drawing. As is usually the case, it turned out to be very useful for me as a checkpoint for where we are in the school year. It is an exciting time in education because there are so many opportunities for learning in many different formats, both online and in our traditional school environments. The question asked was "How will I make 2015 the best year for my students?" You can click on the link below to get my thoughts on the direction I think we need to be heading in to complete a successful school year. How will I make 2015 the best year for my students?

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