Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fridays at Williams School

It has now been two Junes since I retired from my position as a school library teacher an Instructional Technology Specialist at Williams School. In those two years I have worked as a jack of all trades in the building on Fridays, subbing and filling in wherever I was needed (including reprising my role as library teacher for two months in the spring of 2016). This experience has given me even more insight into the great work that everybody contributes to the education of students. Sometimes when you are mired in the 5 day a week responsibilities of your own position, it is hard to take a look around to observe and appreciate your peers. You collaborate with them, you communicate and commiserate with them, but you don't get a lot of time to enjoy their work. The two years in these various positions have allowed me to marvel at the patience, the classroom management, and the truly uncanny ability of classroom teachers to anticipate and adjust to their students' academic and social emotional needs. They quickly assess situations and respond with appropriate strategies to improve the experience in their classrooms. I am fortunate enough to have spent these two years with colleagues that I have worked with for years. It has been my pleasure to see them in action. In all the years that I have taught, these two years really have allowed me to marvel at the work we do with students as a school community. Every single staff member makes a difference in kids' lives. Each one engages students in ways that contribute to the social-emotional climate of the building. Students learn when they feel safe and supported by the adults in the building. All of us: the custodians, the principal, the nurse, the secretary, the specialists (Library, art, music, P.E, Literacy, teaching assistants, the Special Ed team, PT's and OT's represent continuity and stability that provides a safe learning environment. What a joy and privilege it is to be a part of this learning community of dedicated professionals! I know that now more than ever, and I am confident to leave my beloved Williams School in the care of these individuals who come together from September to June to help our children learn, grow, and improve! Thank you all so much!

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