Monday, April 14, 2014

Can kindergartners do research? Yes they can!

We are fortunate to have a district-wide subscription to PebbleGo, a research database for K-3 learners. Recently, our kindergartners had a chance to explore the animal database. Led by my student teacher, Gabrielle Sobilo, they learned how to go to the PebbleGo database from our school website, log in, and access the animal database. Ms. Sobilo created a screeencast to introduce the access and login process. She demoonstrated with them, and the eager researchers were off and running. They were able to choose the animal they wanted to research, and then they used the audio feature to read an article, look at pictures, view video, and see a map of their animal's habitat. Then they recorded what their animal eats and something else new they learned. We asked these questions: What is an online database? Why do we use a database? How can we access and use our subscription database to find the information we need? The students thought about more questions as they completed their Share what you know guide: What animal do you want to know more about? What do you think you know about the animal you chose? What do you want to know? It is very exciting to see our youngest students so enthusiastic about an opportunity to take charge of their own learning in the library. The best thing is they can access and use it at home so they can share with their parents and others as they use their new skills to explore all four PebbleGo databases to find information they need and want to know about. Here are a few examples of their work:

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