Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Williams Library student teacher, Gabrielle Sobilo, checks in on the blog!

Guest post by student teacher, Ms. Sobilo: Hello, my name is Ms. Sobilo and I am a student teacher in the school library at Williams Elementary School. Since January, I have been working with Mrs. Kosmo, and learning about the school library program. During the month of March, second grade students studied Aesop’s fables. Students learned the different characteristics of a fable and all about Aesop, a famous Greek storyteller who loved to tell fables. With a partner, students read three fables and matched a moral to each fable. Then each group selected and read one fable from the Aesop’s Wheel of Fables App on our ipads and wrote a moral in their own words. Students created an illustration using Kid Pix that included the fable title, the moral, two characters from their fable, and a background in their illustrations. Students used their creativity and imagination to create these artistic pictures. Take at look at each group’s artwork by clicking on the classroom teacher’s name below. Mrs. Osiecki's class

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